Post Discovery: Making Sense of Reading Levels for Parents

making sense of Reading Levels for Parents (Book Level at Library for Kindergarten)

This post from is a great "cheat sheet" for people who are trying to get their heads around reading levels. It can be tough because there are several different systems out there to try to understand. Plus, just because a certain system says that a third grader should be reading a certain level doesn't mean it will necessarily be right for your child. Read their post here. Hope this helps!

Post Discovery: The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Kids to Read

This is so helpful!! The step-by-step process for teaching kids how to read and simple ways to do it. The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Kids to Read.
What a thorough guide to help you understand the basic concepts of teaching a child to read! You can read the whole thing or just skip to the part of reading or pre-reading that you're most curious about right now. Love that Malia Hollowell at mentions starting with a child's favorite word - their name! Click to read the whole post here. 

Post Discovery: What to Do When a Child Can't Read a Word

15 Reading Strategies for Unknown Words | This Reading Mama
I know many of you struggle with what to say when your child gets to a word they don't know and looks up at you for the answer. One powerful thing you can do is nothing at all! I know that sounds revolutionary, but the goal is for them to be able to think of strategies on their own, so a short pause or a prompt of, "what could you do to figure out that word?" might go a long way. This Reading Mama has a fantastic post on more details about this very important topic. Find it here.