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Hi! I’m Ruth Edwards and I am a passionate supporter of parents, especially now that I am one. I hope to help parents support their young readers and writers. It would also be great if I could help them relax, too! I've been a lifelong reader and decided I wanted to be a teacher in second grade so that I could teach others to love reading. I also wanted to be in charge of the overhead projector and have my very own Scholastic Book Orders - hee, hee. I have my undergraduate degree in English, Elementary Education and a minor in Reading. My Master’s degree is in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Early Childhood Literacy. I have eight years of experience being a first grade and kindergarten teacher. I also now have an eight year old son, so I can see both sides – parent and teacher. In talking with my fellow parents, I realized that I knew some helpful information about reading and writing that not everyone knows. It's not rocket science, but there are common sense things that I learned as a teacher that can really help parents, too. I approach things with the philosophy that when we know better, we do better (thank you, Oprah). I hope that my services and blog can make it easier for busy, frazzled parents to support their little readers and writers.