Great Article: Three easy ways to get your kids to read better and enjoy it

Love this article by Ryan Spencer that I saw go by on my Facebook feed recently. I love it because it's a concise way of telling parents how to help their kids right now. I also love that he used the term "instant word factory." Do you ever find yourself doing that? Spitting out each word that your child has trouble with? I've definitely had my moments. Sometimes it becomes necessary, when I notice that a child is in a book that's way harder than either of us anticipated. Most of the time, though, I notice the power in staying quiet and seeing what happens. Sometimes it's harder, but it really is the best thing.


  1. I like the term "Instant Word Factory." Turning on closed captioning or subtitles as the TV is on is another way of improving fluency -- if it's going to be on, you may as well make it work for you. In a five-year study in India, children who watched one show a week with subtitles were twice as likely to be good readers and half as likely to be illiterate as the control group. I wrote more about it on my blog here:

  2. Thanks for commenting! I totally agree. Closed captioning seems to really help - especially in Finland, as you mentioned. I love what you're working on with your blog and workshops! It is a passion of mine as well:)