Nursery Rhymes for Beginning Readers

I am so excited to find a new site that has great resources for early learners! It's called PreKinders. I just love, love, love when teachers and bloggers so generously make printables that all of us can use. As busy parents we all appreciate it so much! So, over at PreKinders, the author has made many printable nursery rhymes available. I love these because they are perfect to put in a three-hole punched folder. Hopefully your little learner already knows most of these rhymes by heart. If not, start there without any visual aids yet. Then you can share one rhyme at a time as they're learning to track print (touch their finger to each word while reading). They already know the words, so it's easier for their brain to concentrate on the actual letters and words. Help them through it the first few times if you need to and then they will be good to go! They will see themselves as readers in no time! Click here to get the printables. There's also a great game you can play with them, too!! Thanks PreKinders! If you need more reminders about why nursery rhymes are so helpful when teaching a child to read, click here.

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