Give Book Bucks for Valentine's Day!

Valentines Day Book Bucks Free Printable Valentines Day Book Bucks
Hello dear readers! Thanks so much for stopping by! It's been a slow start to 2014 blogging for me, but I'm hoping to pick things up soon. In the meantime, Melissa Taylor over at the amazing blog Imagination Soup has created an excellent idea for a Valentine's Day present! Printable "book bucks!" Just hop on over to her blog by clicking the picture above to save and print out your very own. Then you have an excuse to go to the book store with your child and let them pick their own book. As educational psychology and our own parenting instincts tell us, when kids have a choice they have more investment and excitement in their books. I also recommend cruising book stores after the holiday because they frequently mark holiday titles at 50% off. Then you can add to your collection of Valentine's books that you pull out every February like me! I know it came from my days as a teacher, but having a different tub of thematic books for each month/holiday/season keeps things exciting and alive for my son and myself! Happy reading!

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