Free App Friday - Sight Words Hangman!

Sight Words Hangman

Time for another App review! This one is good because you could actually (gasp!) do this the old-fashioned way with your sight word flash cards, pen, and paper. However, if you have an iPhone or iPad, by all means, download it for FREE today!

The reason a sight word is called a sight word is because usually you just have to memorize it. Once you get it and it's automatic, reading becomes much easier. I would recommend this App for kids who seem just about ready to read and beyond. It will definitely be frustrating for those who do not have a start on reading. But you could do it together if they like the game. It's a super cute little game that lets you choose the difficulty level of sight word lists and then asks kids to pick the sight words out of a group of words. If they get it right, they go on to the next one. If they get it wrong, the hangman gets a part drawn on him. They also have a flash card option where the kids can hear the words read to them, or you can turn the sound off and they can try reading the words by themselves.

As always, if you want to check out the other free apps of the week, visit Sadly, they just updated their review of Endless Alphabet to reject it. Apparently, they've started putting ads in the app and you have the option to pay to get the ads removed. Bummer!

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