Really Helpful Parent Handouts

Again, I am thankful for the amazing amount of resources available to you for free on the web! I am very impressed with Kayla from Primary Junction for generously creating and sharing these parent handouts on helping your young learner read, write, spell, and do math! Download the packet for free (even in Spanish!) at Teachers Pay Teachers here.

I just found another great resource from Primary Junction! Kayla did a great article on the phonics rules that are actually useful most of the time! Visit her article and get the free download here. I was just talking to a friend the other day about which "rules" she could teach and how to go about doing it. All I can say is games, games, games and teachable moments. When you are reading beginning readers with your child, you can point out some of these rules or keep a little poster with illustrations nearby to help them remember the most important ones. If you do the pictures or diagrams together, they can be silly and crazy and the kids will connect to them that much better.I honestly had to make up a story for myself when I was little that "T" was not as good as "S." That's the only way I could remember which came first in the alphabet! You can do similar things with these rules.


  1. Thank you so much for mentioning my handouts! I'm thrilled to know that you found them to be helpful. Thanks again for the kind words. :-)

    Primary Junction

  2. Thank YOU for all of your great work, Kayla!!