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FREE common consonant blends and digraphs chart

If you enjoy browsing around at different teaching resources, have I got the website for you! Teachers Pay Teachers has tons of teacher-designed resources that are useful to both teachers and parents. The great thing about it is that there are a bunch of FREE resources you can download in seconds. You can even search for just the free stuff to make your life easier. For example, this chart of common blends from the author of the Make, Take & Teach Blog. You can find it here at the Teachers Pay Teachers site. You do need to sign up for a free account, but that doesn't take long at all. You can also start selling your own products if you create some cool things of your own! 

So, are you wondering how to use this fabulous free chart? I use charts like these most often as a reference to keep around for beginning readers. When they get to a word that they're not sure of (and they've tried some other reading strategies like look at the picture and think about what would make sense), I refer them to this chart if the word starts with a familiar blend. For instance, if the word is trip and they're stuck, I could say, "Let's look at our blend chart and see what TR sounds like." Then we'd look at the chart for TR and see that it sounds like "tree." Then the child could "get their mouth ready" with the /tr/ sound and that might be just enough to help them sound out or guess the word.

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