Free App Friday!

I Can Xylo - A Nursery Rhymes Teacher For Preschool and Kindergarten Children
We have some more excellent apps to recommend today that are FREE! I love free, because you can always try it and delete it if you don't like it. This one is I Can Xylo. Only for iPhone and iPad, sorry Android users. A cute, well-reviewed, no advertisement xylophone for your little one. The great thing is that it teaches them to play little nursery rhymes, too! If you've been paying attention to my blog, you know that nursery rhymes are very helpful to kids learning to read. See my post about it here. Of course, the free version only comes with one song and then you can get more if you like them on facebook or purchase them. But fun nonetheless!
Nighty Night! HD
This adorable app is called Nighty Night! It is an adorable bedtime routine where your baby or toddler can turn off the lights for each animal on the farm to go to sleep. Very sweet illustrations and calming atmosphere. Even B liked it and he's 5. Would be especially nice if you were travelling somewhere and needed help settling down before bed. Obviously doesn't replace bedtime stories in my book:) Only for Apple users, unfortunately.

Are you wondering where I'm finding all of these fun apps suddenly? I came across a new favorite blog called Best Apps For Kids. Love it!!

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