Top Ten Wordless Picture Books by Kristen Remenar


I am just so impressed with the content I am seeing on websites lately about helping your child to read! Saves me a lot of work:) So, The Nerdy Book Club blog has brought us an excellent article about using wordless picture books. Please check it out here. It would be a great goal to check some of these out the next time you visit the library. They are such interesting books that they get the kids excited about looking at all of the pictures and developing the story in their heads.
Good Dog Carl
These books are especially great for your early readers because you can help give them the confidence that they need by "reading" these books! I had one parent share that she struggled immensely with reading until someone shared a wordless picture book with her in third grade. I will also add some personal wordless picture book favorites - Tuesday by David Wiesner (there are frogs everywhere!) and Good Dog, Carl by Alexandra Day (who couldn't love a sweet story about a dog?). There is a slightly longer recommendation list at Children's Books and Reading if you get really excited about wordless picture books.

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